Builders Standard Selection

Thank you for considering Trimview Ceramics to be the supplier of tiles for your new home or renovation. We pride ourselves on being able to provide and offer the biggest standard range of tiles in the South West. Our friendly Colour and Design Consultants can help you select tiles suited to the design and theme of your home.

Our Colour and Design Consultants are always happy to help guide you through the selection process. It is recommended that your tile selection is completed prior to your pre-start metting. Please bring your selection folder and plans to assist our Colour Consultants. It is best that you allow approximately 2 hours to complete your selection. This gives us time to make sure you are 100% happy with your choices and to get the selection typed up and sent to your pre-start consultant.

We have an ever growing range of tiles to select from. Colours, designs and styles are constantly changing to ensure we can offer you a wide variety. Please see the brief list of what we have available within the builders standard price range of $44.00m2.

Main Floor Options

  • 4 - 150mm x 600mm (ceramic pressed edge)
  • 50 - 450mm x 450mm (ceramic pressed edge)
  • 11 - 600mm x 600mm (ceramic pressed edge)
  • 5 - 600mm x 600mm (porcelain rectified)

Wet Area Floor Options

  • 16 - 200mm x 200mm (ceramic pressed edge)
  • 65 - 300mm x 300mm (ceramic pressed edge)
  • 8 - 300mm x 300mm (ceramic rectified)
  • 10 - 300mm x 300mm (porcelain rectified)
  • 4 - 300mm x 600mm (ceramic pressed edge)
  • 2 - 300mm x 600mm (porcelain rectified)

Wet Area Wall Options

  • 70 - 200mm x 400mm (ceramic pressed edge)
  • 4 - 200mm x 200mm (ceramic pressed edge
  • 20 - subway tiles : sizes vary from 75mm x 150mm to 100mm x 400mm (ceramic pressed edge)
  • 13 - 300mm x 600mm (ceramic pressed edge)
  • 18 - 300mm x 600mm (ceramic rectified)

We also offer all of our clients 2 lineal meters of a mosaic or feature tile at no charge for each bathroom.

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